Ben youssef medrassa

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Medresa the door sovereign name Ali Ben Youssef (reg. 1448-1458), who served as head of Marinids while they are kept in power in Morocco during the mid-fifteenth century. However, Medrasa that exists today was not built by Ali Ben Youssef himself, or even during his life, but the building was built by the Sharif Ghalib Saadi Abu Mohammad al (reg. 1557-1574) over a hundred years after the death of Ben Youssef.

The new Medrasa was built on the same site as early mérinide probably Medrasa commanded by Ali Ben Youssef, and therefore the Medrasa Saadi takes its name of institution it was built to replace it. The "current Medrasa Ali Ben Youssef is one of the few notable Moroccan Medrasa built after the fall of the Merinids in 1465, this dynasty built almost all survivors Medrasa architectural interest in the region. The impression of "Ali ben Youssef current Medrasa is almost a perfect square, 42 meters long and wide in the plan.

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