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The black has got to be the best colors ever made for men in my opinion .. perfect because it makes me feel that i wear something on me , so let me tell you about my look - blazer by zara and the tie by bowsNties , the jeans by zara and the fadora by choies & my sunglasses by spektre .. all of them are original as hell 
I'm so happy those couple of days i don't know what's the reason but i feel that .. Maybe cuz i recover a lot of things like ( time for myself - rest -  love .. ) and i moved to live with my parents they are so happy to see me sleeping as always until evening =D .. ah i forget to tell you about our new projects , i work now about new website in a collaboration with faissal yartaa and malika yartaa as a moroccan fashion bloggers united .. hope you guys love our work together , and we preparing for a video x a great sandal's brand . have a lovely week



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