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Welcome to! We are a global online fashion retailer affiliated with Shanghai Front Row e-Commerce Co., Ltd. Our products range from clothes, shoes to accessories and much more. All at a tempting price, we give women the chance to take a seat at the forefront of the ever-changing fashion industry. Front Row Shanghai is a company with over 10 years of experience in fabric purchasing and clothes manufacturing. We have factories in Shanghai and Jiang Su province with average sales around 1,500,000 pieces each year. Moreover, we have cooperated with many famous international brands and maintained good relationships with them. In June 2012, we launched our own fashion brand - Front Row Shop, thriving on providing fashionable, trendy but also affordable clothes for those women who are fashion fanatics with a rich imagination. 


FRONT ROW READY The "front row" of a fashion show as we all know is where you’ll find the fashion industries VIP’s and “it” girls. We specifically call our- selves “Front Row Shop”, because for fashion enthusiasts like yourself, we provide a unique platform that brings the most in-style and exclusive pieces to the forefront of your lives- and wardrobes! Our aim is to give women the opportunity to experience the mysterious and exclusive world of a front row VIP. And so we invite you to share our passion for fashion and style.

 STREAMLINED PRODUCTION AND QUALITY CONTROL 14 years' experience in the industry has enriched our knowledge on yarn selecting, dyeing, weaving, processing, manufacturing and as a result has strengthened our self-owned supply chain. Our in-house studio and factory has allowed us to become professionals in quality control and exclusive pattern designing and developing. Thus resulting in a highly efficient design to production process within duration of 15 days.

 THE FRONT ROW COMMUNITY Our young and professional design team work with bloggers and fashion innovators to gather and analyze fashion trend reports and hold important discussions where we explore the definition of fashion and how to define individual style. isn’t just about clothes! It’s about having the chance to be at the front row of fashion, learning about the latest news, fashion bloggers, expressing your own ideas and discovering your style.

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