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Tee  mojtamaâ fateh by me | coat by bershka | jeans by zara |  vintage leather shoes | g-vintage glasses

A    B    O    U    T        M    Y        F    I    R    S    T        L    O    O    K


Its was really amazing experience to print a tee and people love it , i really so glad to hear tha people want more from that product , and i promis this summer i'll try to print a lot and try to desing another tee's print , anyway the coat is actually one I wore a few weeks ago in this post and its from bershka , I mentioned I was going to post it a few more times styled differently , This time I paired it with a white tee with lovely flowers ... it was so bad , hard , sad and black week , but everything will be okay  ,, Anyways, Im super excited for tomorrow because I will see my friend youssef he's a photographer in casablanca I also can’t wait to go to the final works show of desingers students of casamoda will organiz that show , hope i can publish pictures about that when i'll finish it , it will be really a long road from casablanca to laayoune ( sahara ) but  and sleeping always help ..
Hope youre having a great time and dont forget to check my shots in casablanca and some pictures on my instagram soon.


عجيبة هي الحياة بمنطقها المعاكس . أنت تركض خلف الأشياء لاهثاً، فتهرب الأشياء منك. وما تكاد تجلس وتقنع نفسك بأنها لا تستحق كل هذا الركض، حتى تأتيك هي لاهثة. وعندها لا تدري أيجب أن تدير لها ظهرك أم تفتح لها ذراعيك، وتتلقى هذه الهبة التي رمتها السماء إليك،والتي قد 
تكون فيها سعادتك



L E A V E   Y O U R 

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  1. the prints came out really well:)
    Great styling


appreciate it, your comment very important

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