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Having been around since early 2012, Swedish independent streetwear brand Young Hearted aims to reflect a positive and fearless lifestyle, inspired by the highlights of everyday life. 
So far, the brand has released four distinctive Collections (out Summer and Winter respectively), along with a popular mini Spring Range; each Collection unique in their own sense. 
Striving to always be forward-thinking, Young Hearted aspires to raise the stakes with every Collection made: “The trick is to mix original creative elements with familiar trends, while constantly maintaining that young, energetic vibe which has been present in our garments since day one.” 
With Parts I and II of their new Winter 13/14 Collection fully released, Young Hearted has introduced a set of clean yet bold creations, which centre on presenting the look of a brand intending to re-connect with their true roots, while making a solid mark on the future ahead. 
Focus has been fixed on offering a set of exclusive custom-made garments, designed and crafted from scratch, with riveting attention to detail as a main ingredient. The new release is more deliberate and mature than anything Young Hearted has previously made available, and marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the brand’s young history. 


5 panel by Thfkdlf
jeans by H&M
black converse

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